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Landlord Using Tenant Screening

More than 1.5 million forcible detainers are filed each year in the United States.

The cost of filing a civil action for non-payment of rent or possession varies widely from state to state and county to county. For example, in the city of Chicago the filing fee is $105.00 plus the sheriff's fee and mileage to serve the summons.

It can take as much as 90 days until final disposition.


Here's How MTIS Can Help! ...


has no minimum usage requirement. You pay only for the reports you need.

headquarters are located in a major metropolitan area, giving us detailed access to a wide variety of local and state conditions. We are the smart choice for the screening needs of all landlords.

reports, unlike traditional credit reports that provide monetary judgments only, include information on all rent-related filings regardless of disposition .


We provide a history of any action taken by a landlord to get his rent or property back whether it went to court or not

Traditional credit checks only show monetary judgments.

If you filed for possession only or the case was settled before it got to court, this action won’t appear on a traditional credit check.  We provide you with this information.


Most companies don’t own the data however, we do

With other companies you pay by the name.  What that means to you is that we can do a more thorough check; for example

Money is no issue with us--since we own the data and don’t pay by the name we pull up every Smith with and without the e – as well as comparing names like Richard, Dick Rich, and even R


In addition, we compare names to addresses because it doesn’t cost us to compare data. We pull up all the addresses of the same named person and compare those.     

Our exclusive data base of over 750,000 records has  cases from Cook county.   Data goes back to 1999.  Other county data may be available upon request.

Detainers may be available from other counties in other states at the discretion of those courts


We are available 5 days a week

We offer every one service regardless of size.  We are open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.  

Response within 4-6  business hours

Receive our accurate information the same day you request it.  We phone you with a verbal report and follow it up with either a fax, E-mail or hard copy via mail, your choice

Personalized telephone report

We will go over the report with you pointing out potential problems and strengths. However, we will not make recommendations or decisions for you.

* Service is available on Saturday between 9 to Noon with advanced notice.

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